Friends Worth Playing With

Finding good golf friends is an important part of the game. In some ways, it’s a lot like dating. You’ll play with lots of people before you find the right fit. It’s good to look for players with similar interests and skill sets, but it may be even more valuable to discover an elevated sense of humor. A desire for adventure and fellowship is rather meaningful too. Some partners will come and go, but over time there will be a few that you just can’t shake. Through many walks the experiences you share become strong bonds. The memorable swings and competitive matches keep things interesting while the bad shots and head-shaking jokes ensure no round is a bore. Golf pals make for cheap entertainment, but they can be costly to keep. There will be trips taken, bets lost, and bar tabs overextended. It’s all worth it though. Having a tribe of golfers who seek to enjoy the world together is a wonderful thing. The laughs, chats, and long evenings celebrating the game are exactly why golf is so fun. The time spent searching for friendship is always worth it. We need partners in golf just as we do in life.

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