Night Putting with Pals

I’ve spent a lot of late nights on the putting green in my life. Growing up in a small town meant that my friends and I often had to entertain ourselves. In a place with little to do, putting contests were our regularly scheduled programming. We’d roll for dollars while the sun sank down and stay to settle up under the parking lot lights. Sometimes we brought the dogs and on occasion our parents even got in on the game. Now that we’ve grown in age, we still go to the green to pass the time. The bets have gone up in value and the Coca Cola has turned into beer, but the camaraderie is still of the same flavor. Over some tense three footers we talk life and golf. Not much has changed in that sense. The dogs maybe different now but the reason for being there is the same. Passing some time on the putting green with friends never gets old. It’s still the best entertainment a few dollars can buy.

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