A Course to Call Home

Most golfers spend their whole lives dreaming about courses they hope to someday see. Bucket lists are filled with the names of faraway links, exclusive clubs, and resorts in exotic locations. With so much time spent longing for other golf, it’s easy for a player to forget the charms of the course they call home. The shame of traveling for golf is that there is only so much time available to enjoy the spoils of a special course. Those limitations aren’t present at home. Although the course down the street may not have as grand a setting or as illustrious a reputation, it does offer familiarity. Getting to know a golf course on an intimate level is a privilege. It may be thrilling to know a new course on a surface level, but it’s the place which is frequently played that yields the greatest appreciation over time. It’s good to dream and travel and play — this expands one’s understanding of the game. However, it is far more important to find a place where golf can be explored regularly. Golfers need somewhere they can know by heart.

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