A Game for Building Community

All my favorite places for golf have one great thing in common. They are more than just courses — they are communities. This game has the ability to nurture relationships in ways that are uncommon to other pastimes. Golfers become attached to a community when they feel a deep connection with both the place and the people who spend time there. There are thousands of golf courses across the world but most don’t achieve this distinction. A true golf community is a place where there is a palpable love for the game. You know them when you see them. It’s easy to notice when friendship is an ever-present virtue and the good days are measured in smiles, not scores. In a true golf community, people not only come to play, but they gather for the purpose of finding valuable companionship. Serving as a beacon for kindred spirits, these are the places that stir the golfer’s soul. Every day spent in such company is a dream come true. This is the sort of golf that inspires evangelists for our game. We should seek them out and aim to replicate their magic.

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