A Game of Misses

The golf swing is a pretty complex operation. Hitting a great shot is not an easy thing to do. Most swings will result in a miss-hit and managing those results is a key determinant for scoring. Ever since I was a boy, my Grandfather has told me that golf is a game of misses. He taught me to think in terms of where to miss best and insisted I learn the art of recovery. Both of which have shaped the way I play the game. Thanks to Gramps, I’ve developed a knack for thinking my way around a golf course and finding inventive ways to make par. Appreciating the frequency of misses is also important for keeping a level head. A miss is nothing to be mad about. It’s just a situation to deal with. Frustration will only compound the problem. A better approach is to anticipate the misses and be prepared to overcome them. It starts by playing better odds and missing in the right place as much as possible. Par is often found through the path of least resistance. As Gramps might say, “a good miss can help you get where you want to go.”

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