A Good Vice to Get Hooked On

There’s a lot to love about golf. Of all the vices available to get hooked on, it must be the best. The fact that this game can be played at virtually any age makes it particularly compelling. Every time I tee it up with my grandfather I’m reminded of this. Even at his ripe old age, he still exudes a passion for the game. It’s so clearly a major part of who he is that it is impossible to separate the man from the golfer. His love for golf is ever present and that’s a good thing to be known for. Building a life in golf is a great aspiration and Gramps has shown me the blueprint for how to do it. Because golf can be enjoyed at every stage of life, our relationship with it evolves as we age. That’s why golf can be whatever we need it to be. When Gramps was young golf was a competition, when he was building a family it became a job, after retirement it was a way to be with grand-kids and now as he enjoys his days of leisure golf is a pastime. It’s a game that never stops giving. There’s nothing else quite like it and someday I hope I can look back upon my golf experiences and appreciate just how much I got from them. I see that in Gramps and he inspires me to do the same.

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