A Laboratory for My Soul

Golf has given me so much in my life. The most important of these gifts has been time. Time for reflection. Time for consideration. Time to contemplate this world and my small place in it. In the quiet moments I’ve been gifted through golf, I think about the things I’ve done right and the things I’ve done wrong. I wonder which of my lived experiences have shaped those outcomes. During the day I try and listen to others and later in the evening while on the course I aim to listen to my conscience. The golf course is where I sort things out. Its where I talk to friends about life and speak with God about what comes after it. It’s how I reconcile my actions with my beliefs. Both of which are changed because of what I find in myself while playing this game. I seek out time for golf for many reasons, but above all else, it’s so that I can find ways to be a better man. We all need places to do this kind of work. Especially when there is so much room for improvement. Golf is that for me. With each step, each swing, each chip, and putt I am working on so much more than my game. The man that leaves the course is never the same as the one who arrived just a few hours earlier. It’s where I build the change I want to see in my life. Golf is a laboratory for my soul.

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