A Lengthy Roll

The long putt is viewed by many golfers as something that should merely be survived. Most hope to two-putt and then move on to the next hole. Meanwhile, players of a different mindset see great opportunity when looking down the line of a lengthy roll. To hole such a putt is the ultimate momentum builder. Not only can it change a round for the better, but it may also flip a match. Watching a ball fall into the cup from great distance is sure to lift a player’s spirit while also rattling their opponent. It may sound silly to approach a putt of a few dozen feet in length with an aim to make it, but it’s a clever strategy for the cunning golfer. The greens are the ultimate equalizer in this game. Everyone wants to pick up strokes with the flatstick yet not enough players approach the effort with proper assertion. Any putt can be holed. A good feel for the speed and line will help to build confidence. A smart play is to try and make such putts on the last roll. Instead of seeking to avoid a three-putt, it’s better to aspire to precision. Aim small, miss small. Every golfer should strive to become an elite putter from across the green. It only takes a few long putts dropping to develop a sense of the importance of this skill. Once the long ones start going in everything changes.

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