A Life Without Golf

I’ve often sat and wondered what my life would be like without golf. Upon reflection, it’s clear that I would have a vastly different existence. I would not have the same friends and I’d likely live somewhere far from home. The nearness I have forged with my family may have become distance instead. I would lack the skills to build close relationships and I’d likely fall back into my introverted former self. There are so many places I would have never visited and countless experiences I would have missed. Peace of mind would escape me and the man I used to be may still be going about his old ways. Surely I wouldn’t speak to God as much. There would be no harbor for my passions and I would have missed a thousand beautiful walks. I also doubt my dog would like me as much. There would be no place to let my soul roam free and I shudder to imagine how lost my dreams would be. My life would lack a proper escape from stress as meditation would just sound silly. Without golf, there would be far fewer good memories and my life would be lessened by the absence of everyday laughter. My sense of accomplishment would be dashed and my sporting hopes would have gone unfulfilled too. There would be no understanding of the joy which comes from a good swing, a fortunate bounce, or a holed putt. I would have learned much less about how to carry on in this world and I never could quite know myself in full. There wouldn’t be much to write about either. It’s hard to imagine my life without golf because golf has been my life. If the game was not there to shape me, I would be defined by something different entirely. Fortunately, I have golf and it most certainly has me. I’ve undoubtedly been made better by golf and I like to believe the game has been made better by me. I would not be the same person without this beautiful pastime. Golf is simply who I am.

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