A Partner You Can Lean On

Competitive golf can be a real grind. It helps to have a partner who can help get you through it. That’s why as I get older I mostly prefer to play in four-ball tournaments. I love the feeling of playing golf as a team. It’s so much fun to draft off one another and share in the highlights of a tense round. There are always ups and downs during these events and they often become a battle. Sometimes everything clicks and scoring is a breeze. Then there are days where it gets tough to keep the bogeys off the card. No matter the mood, the only way to win is if you play as partners. Running down birdies and securing necessary pars turns into quite the sport. Things can get interesting when one player gets on a hot streak or even if one goes cold. Because of that reality, four-ball events bring out all sorts of emotions. What’s needed is balance. Both players have to try and meet the other halfway. When it all comes together great things can happen. After the tournament ends and the drinks and stories are being shared, it’s much more enjoyable to have a partner there to relive it all. Golf may be mostly an individual game, but it’s a better time when your part of a team.

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