A Smaller Golf Experience

Golf doesn’t have to be big. Even a small dose of this game can be enchanting. With the right ingredients, a few holes set on a modest scale can provide infinite enjoyment. People need places that inspire them to expand their presence in the game. There is also an increasing desire to have golf that can be played in a more expedited fashion. Such models require only minimal resources to operate. One of golf’s most wonderful charms is the variety of its venues. With no set standards to define “what golf is” the sport can exist in so many different ways. Imagine the possibilities for bringing golf to the masses if more facilities existed that present the game in an easily accessible way. Golf will prosper when the game is closer to where we live, more relatable to everyone who has an interest in it, and offered on a smaller and more widely approachable scale. As some are already proving, by shrinking the game, we might just grow it.

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