A Sunday Stroll

I’ve spent many a Sunday strolling across golf courses. There’s something about the last day of the week that makes my outings more relaxed. Perhaps the knowledge of people praying in the morning or families gathering for food and fun in the afternoon makes me think of joy and happiness. Things just seem more right on Sunday. Golf has long played an important role in my life and the walks I’ve taken on Sundays have yielded many cherished memories. Growing up, when the last hymnal was finished and lunch had been served, golf was always the next thing on the agenda. I still find elements of that in my life. Golf is a soulful game and it gives us the chance to find serenity in a world where that can often seem out of reach. On Sundays, my pace is slower and my posture is at ease. My swing seems more graceful too. Worries dissipate and putts roll truer. There is a pleasantness that permeates through the course and golfers tend to be extra appreciative of both the game and all they have been given. Surely God’s grace plays a part in that. People playing golf on a Sunday genuinely appear to be in a peaceful state. It certainly has that effect on me. Sunday makes everything better. It’s my favorite day for golf.

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