A Sure-Fire Way to Focus

Hitting tee shots offline is a sure fire way to build focus as a golfer. That’s because the recovery shot has to have your full attention. Through years of spending time in the trees and beyond, I’ve learned how to hit all sorts of fancy shots. Necessity breeds innovation I suppose. Because my chances at par have been so often dependent on this sort of swing, I’ve discovered how to center my attention on the shot at hand. In order to carve the ball around trees, punch through small openings, and hit fast moving stingers I can’t let my mind slip. Over time, that focus has carried over into the rest of my game. Survival skills are an important part of evolution and the same holds true for golf. When you have to pull a great shot out of thin air, your focus tends to get pretty sharp. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you feel like you don’t have any other option. Every miss is just an opportunity to get the next one right. If you can take the concentration on a recovery shot back out into the fairways good things will start to happen.

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