A Visual Exploration

I enjoy golf courses that afford me the opportunity to see beyond just the hole I’m on. An ideal tour of a property should include various vistas that showcase the best aspects of the land. I hope to look over ridges, back down corridors, across other fairways, and through the canopy of trees present. Golfers should be invited through design to observe the many characteristics of a place. It is incredibly enjoyable to finish a golf walk and feel as if I saw the grounds in full. When given the chance to play a course many times, I like to identify the best places on the course to capture its natural essence — often those occur while standing on one hole and looking at another. Golf is a game for reflection, and while we are contemplating the depths of this sport, we should also be considering the wonders of the world present before us. I adore the well designed courses that give me the moments needed to do so. I want to know how a hole fits into the larger picture. To best understand the puzzle, it’s good to see it from many angles. The most unexpected revelations happen while looking away from the target. I do not want to simply be on a golf hole, I desire to be in a setting acting as a visual explorer.

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