Admiration for the Feel Player

Feel players seem to have a sixth sense for golf. Just prior to contact, there is a split second where the golfer knows whether or not everything is in order. To those who go on intuition, a swing is more than just an athletic motion — it’s a sequence of events that are the result of a life’s work. Their 10,000 hours of practice have yielded an ability to know where the club face is throughout the each attempt. When everything is in order, it’s almost as if a smile starts to emerge just before impact. These players know what’s about to happen before even taking a look. With a grin, they watch the ball fly to the target as all signs point to yet another successful swing. This is akin to a painter observing a finished portrait, a mechanic starting a defunct engine, a musician with perfect pitch hitting their note, or even a welder making a seem between steel beams disappear. It is the work of an artisan — driven by skill but achieved through feel. A display worthy of admiration.

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