Aerification Season

Summer is the season of aerification. Small holes are punched into beautiful putting surfaces as a means of beneficial destruction. The roots need room to grow! Despite the disappointment from every golfer who hears this procedure has happened at their favorite course, this process is a necessary evil. These Swiss cheese greens may be unsavory in the short term, but the measures taken by the agronomy crew will yield a rewarding experience in the months ahead. The layers of sand deposited on the greens are also inconvenient to good putting, but the bumpy three footer today will soon yield to a smooth rolling paradise. With fast growing grasses the healing process is not so long. The holes will soon recover and the quality of the course will only improve. This status is far from ideal in the short term, but the resulting conditions will bring a smile to many a golfer. Although reviled by everyone who plays the game, the greens getting punched is the secret to happy customers later in the year. What we suffer through today will be celebrated in good time. We should salute the sand filled holes and cheer the inconsistent rolls! They are but a temporary pain.

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