Swing, Walk, Repeat

In his second book Swing, Walk, Repeat, Jay Revell shares a soulful collection of observations made from a life consumed by golf. Written during the COVID-19 pandemic, Swing, Walk, Repeat offers a glimpse of how golf can be an important foundation in someone’s life. Revell’s approachable musings, recorded during that tumultuous year, are reflective of the friendships, camaraderie, and personal exploration that can be found on any golf course in the world. 

From Revell’s takes on enjoying golf with dogs to tips for finding hidden gem courses and playing with persimmon woods, Swing, Walk, Repeat takes readers for a walkabout through his feelings about the game. With quips about golf carts, course etiquette, and challenging playing partners, Jay injects plenty of strong opinions about the game too. Most notably, Revell once again expresses his love for golf through observations about how it touches his life everyday. 

Throughout the book, a unifying theme emerges—the more you give yourself to golf, the more the game gives back to you. Swing, Walk, Repeat is a love letter to golf authored from the pen of a prolific writer. These simple and universal truths about the game are proof of why Revell’s words continue to inspire those who seek to find themselves while playing golf. 

In this approachable collection of short essays, Revell has devised a devotional reader that will fit right into any golf library. Much like other classics from golf literature, Swing, Walk, Repeat is the sort of book that has the potential to become a favorite for any avid golf reader.

The Nine Virtues of Golf: Essays, Musings, and Other Contemplations on the Game

In his debut book, golf writer Jay Revell takes readers for a walk through his personal experiences, recollections, and theories from a lifetime spent in the sport. Designed to be read in small doses, The Nine Virtues of Golf features an engaging mix of essays, poems, short stories, and other musings, making it the perfect companion for golf trips, beach days, and bedside reading.

Through his stories, Revell has built a global following of golfing diehards and cataloged his love affair with the game. In The Nine Virtues of Golf, Revell brings those tales together in an easily digestible read that’s perfectly suited for anyone with a passion for golf.


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