Swing, Walk, Repeat is now available for purchase!

Hey Friends, 

The wait is over! My new book, Swing, Walk, Repeat is finally here and ready to ship. My publisher at Back Nine Press is now shipping out hundreds of pre-orders so be on the look out if you already bought a copy!

Meanwhile, for those who have been waiting for launch day to purchase a copy, we now have books in stock and ready to depart for your mailbox.

Ordering your copy of Swing, Walk, Repeat is easy. Simply go to back9press.com and pick up as many as you need. For those who prefer to order through Amazon, the book is now available there as well!

Besides ordering for your own reading enjoyment, Swing, Walk, Repeat also makes a great gift for the golfers in your life. Don’t just take my word for it though. See why PGAtour.com included my new book on their annual gift guide for golfers!

I can’t wait for you all to see this book and how it turned out. You might even have one in route to your door as we speak.

Thanks again for all your support.


My New Book – Swing, Walk Repeat – is Now Available for Pre-Order!

New Golf Book Features Over 230 Love Letters to the Game

I’m excited to share that my new book — Swing, Walk, Repeat — is now available for pre-order via Back Nine Press!

The book is filled with observations from my lifelong golf obsession. The truths I explore in the Swing, Walk, Repeat are shared through a collection of over 230 love letters to the game. These mini-essays were all written during the height of the COVID19 pandemic and are evidence of how golf helps me live a fuller life.

In the pages of this book, you’ll find reflections on how I like to play, the friendships golf inspires, and how the game has been an essential part of my family. I included passages that document lessons I’ve been taught, truths I’ve discovered, and emotions I’ve experienced. There are even some ramblings on what I think about the current state of the game and how it operates as a business. In many ways, this is my golf manifesto.

Because the book is broken into dozens of short reads it is presented as an everyday golf devotional. Each page offers an example of how the lines between golf and life are so often blurred for the better. Those pieces are punctuated with some amazing illustrations by the talented artist Dave Baysden. I can’t wait for people to get to read it!

Get your copy ordered today at www.back9press.com/swing-walk-repeat

Pre-Order Your Copy in Time for the Holidays

All pre-orders for Swing, Walk, Repeat will be shipped in time for the holidays and I believe this book will make a great gift for any golf lover. I also know this will be a book many golfers will want to keep by their bed, in the office, or anywhere that a small dose of golf might be helpful. I like to think that you’ll be able to pick up this volume, open it to any page, and find some words that remind you why golf is such a special game to so many.

The feedback I’ve gotten on Swing, Walk, Repeat has been really cool to read. It seems like the work is hitting a nerve for many of my fellow golf tragics. See below for a note from Golf in the Kingdom author Michael Murphy.

Reserve Your Copy Today!

Thanks for Supporting My Golf Writing

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with such talented people as Jim Sitar at Back Nine Press and my good friend Dave Baysden. The book we’ve partnered to create has been a real labor of love and I’m thrilled to now begin sharing its contents.

Thanks to everyone of you for your continued support of my golf writing. I can’t tell you how much it means to have you all read my words about this amazing game.

Stay tuned for more details on my new book, Swing, Walk, Repeat.


Mid-Am Crisis ft. Abby Liebenthal – Founder, Fore the Ladies

Abby Liebenthal’s passion for golf has opened a lot of interesting doors in her career. She’s worked with some of the leading organizations and brands in the golf industry including the AJGA, Tiger Woods Foundation, Titleist, Imperial Hats, and now the USGA. Her background in marketing and communications has helped her become a leading voice for how to engage golf fans with major brands. With the USGA, Liebenthal works to create memorable experiences and unique engagements for fans at the Men’s and Women’s U.S. Opens. Her career in golf has also led to a highly impactful side venture called Fore the Ladies that’s changing how many women enjoy the game.

Fore the Ladies is a non profit that Liebenthal founded with the purpose of creating fun and engaging experiences for women who want to both learn the game of golf and connect with others who love the game. What began as a single clinic has now grown into a movement with nationwide reach. Only a few years into the venture, Liebenthal has built a substantial golf community through Fore the Ladies and all signs point to continued growth. She has clinic and other gatherings scheduled across the country this year the women she has helped bring together are even taking matters into their own hands in their respective cities. As much as we all hate to use the phrase “grow the game”, Liebenthal’s Fore the Ladies initiative is doing just that.

During our discussion we dove into her career and talked about how golf brands are connecting with fans better than ever today. We also spent considerable time chatting about why she founded Fore the Ladies and where she hopes to take the organization in the future. Liebenthal is exactly the sort of person that golf needs more of and I’m delighted we got the chance to speak. One of these days we will surely tee it up somewhere and I hope to see a Fore the Ladies event in person soon. I’ve got a feeling that with her leadership and bold ideas the movement will only keep growing.

To learn more about Fore the Ladies and the great work happening there please visit https://foretheladies.net/

Also, be sure to follow Abby on Twitter at @AbbyLiebs

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Cheers, My Friends

Hey there friends,

I hope you and yours are enjoying a warm holiday season and that you are preparing to start your new year with some golf in it. 2020 has been one hell of an adventure, but despite its many challenges, I’m still thankful for all that I have been given – especially from the game of golf.

Golf has proven, once again, to be a powerful force in my life. From the quiet meditative late afternoon walks to the laughter of a socially distant buddies trip, golf has helped me get through this tumultuous year in so many ways. I was able to travel to a few familiar places, spend lots of time with family and friends on my home course, and write some stories about it all along the way. This year, I feel especially blessed to have the game in my life.

As I sit here at my desk, reflecting on 2020, I have so much to be grateful for. This past year I crafted stories for the Golfers Journal, McKellar Magazine, Golf.com, and Golf Advisor. I also published my first book! In recent months, I even started a new podcast and I’m really proud of how it has turned out. All that being said, I wanted to let you all know just how much I appreciate you reading my words and following my work. It truly means the world to me.

Golf is such an incredible journey and I can’t believe the places and people this game has introduced me to. Despite spending so much time at home this year, I feel like I developed more new connections than ever. What a time to be alive! I’m hopeful that 2021 will bring more trips, better golf, and new discoveries. Perhaps I’ll even get to meet a few more of you.

I’ll leave you with a parting thought and a bit of news. First off, I pray that you are making it through this pandemic in good spirits and that your loved ones are all still with us. This year has accelerated so many changes in the world and I hope some of them are benefiting you. For me, this year has shown just how important it is to have family, friends, and colleagues who care about you and want to see you succeed. What an important thing to remember. Finally, I want to share, that this Spring, I’ll be releasing my second book. I’m still pulling all the details together, but come around Masters time you’ll see it ready for purchase. I’m excited to share some of the things I’ve been working on and I think you’ll find that it is both familiar and fresh all at the same time. Stay tuned for more on that!

Meanwhile, as this year comes to a close, I want to thank you again for your support and patronage. Without an audience, words don’t travel very far. Thanks to you, there have been some Jay Revell stories shared all around the globe this year. I truly treasure every interaction that I have with my readers and friends and I want you to know how much you all mean to me.

So, tee it up somewhere today if you can. If not, pour a glass of something good later tonight and give cheers to golf and how it brings us together. I’ll be drinking to great memories from this year and to the hope of finding new friends next year on fairways near and far.

Let’s go make some birdies in 2021.

Cheers, my friends.

-J. Revell

A Book Review From My High School English Teacher

I’m always quick to tell folks that I learned how to write from a collection of incredible high school English teachers. What they taught me in my adolescent years still shapes the words I craft today. I think about their lessons often and fondly recall how they helped me become a passionate writer. Their influence can be found in every chapter of my new book, The Nine Virtues of Golf.

Recently, I was delighted to hear that one of my favorite teachers had not only picked up a copy, but also decided to write me a personal review. She delivered her comments to me via a visit to my mom’s salon where she still gets her hair done. When reading her elegant notes, I had a flashback to all the papers she graded for me in the past. It was good to see that handwriting again.

Below are her comments as transcribed from the note she left for me. I think it’s the best book review I could have ever hoped for. I enjoyed her comments so much that I thought it would be fun to share them.


I took your advice and read your book in bits & pieces. Since I will lend my copy to others, I didn’t want to write my comments on the pieces themselves, so Ill just jot notes to you here…

Loved your introduction, especially the first sentence. Nice little tease at the end too. Then I went to the poetry. Imagine that, “Daylight Savings Swings” was my favorite. “How I Got Hooked on Golf” also spoke to me — intro and conclusion framed it so well. Loved the focus on your relationship with your grandfather. The dedication to your daughter Winnie with Chapter 10 about fatherhood was great. Talking about her with your mom is such fun!

The nine virtues you spoke about in your first chapter made me think about how they are also the ones needed for a successful life. One thing I noticed reading through all the pieces was the figurative language you used, like in “One Last Walk.” Mmmm…maybe you are a poet after all.

Your “On Common Ground” piece made me tear up. It was so beautiful. Maybe that’s just the mama in me. I’m sure your brother loves it as well.

“A Simple Game for Trouble Times” was a great conclusion for the book. “Our times may be troubled, but we have to avoid the convenience of isolation.” Wow! ” We must choose to lean in and engage with one another.” Yes, indeed. Engage with our animals like Leon as well, right?

Chapter 8 shows a lot about you and your priorities. It’s nice that you can have a “club in my hand and hope in my heart” all in your own back yard.

“Braggadocios”? Did you make that word up?

Chapter 11 had such great ideas in your strategic plan.

Glad to see the hangover at the Ocean Course didn’t completely dismantle you.

As you noted on page 83, I hope you’ll continue to play “fun, faster, freewheeling, and far from caring too much about the score.” You know my writer self like the alliteration( remember that?) in this sentence.

I enjoyed seeing the connection between golf and technology that led you to the Shindig. Sounds like money well spent.

Jay, I could definitely see that you have found your voice in this book. So glad I got to read it. You did a fine job of writing it.


— Sharon

Writing my first book reminded me of so many things that I learned from teachers like Sharon. I hope what I published has made her and others proud.

If you liked Sharon’s review, you might enjoy reading the book in full. You can pick up a copy at the link below.



A Sunday Stroll

I’ve spent many a Sunday strolling across golf courses. There’s something about the last day of the week that makes my outings more relaxed. Perhaps the knowledge of people praying in the morning or families gathering for food and fun in the afternoon makes me think of joy and happiness. Things just seem more right on Sunday. Golf has long played an important role in my life and the walks I’ve taken on Sundays have yielded many cherished memories. Growing up, when the last hymnal was finished and lunch had been served, golf was always the next thing on the agenda. I still find elements of that in my life. Golf is a soulful game and it gives us the chance to find serenity in a world where that can often seem out of reach. On Sundays, my pace is slower and my posture is at ease. My swing seems more graceful too. Worries dissipate and putts roll truer. There is a pleasantness that permeates through the course and golfers tend to be extra appreciative of both the game and all they have been given. Surely God’s grace plays a part in that. People playing golf on a Sunday genuinely appear to be in a peaceful state. It certainly has that effect on me. Sunday makes everything better. It’s my favorite day for golf.

If you enjoy these daily stories, you might like my new book, The Nine Virtues of Golf. It debuted earlier this Summer as the #1 new release golf book on Amazon.


Our Feet Show Us the Way

When we walk a golf course, we find things that otherwise prove elusive. We find quiet, calmness, and a deeper connection to nature. There are also many personal revelations found along the trail. Our best thoughts are made more apparent through the steps we take. As we walk around a golf course, we can also walk around the feelings, ideas, and desires that populate our mind. Golf is a search for answers and very few of them have much to do with the game being played. The walking golfer is looking for something else entirely. We go on walks as a means to sort through our troubles and scheme for the what may come next in life. With each pace we make, clarity becomes more attainable. Through golf, we seek to find the next iteration of ourselves one step at a time. Our feet show us the way forward.

If you enjoy these daily stories, you might like my new book, The Nine Virtues of Golf. It debuted earlier this Summer as the #1 new release golf book on Amazon.


Lost in the Woods

The woods are not well suited for golf. It’s best to avoid play from there. Unfortunately we all find our way into the trees from time to time. That’s when we must call on our scrambler’s instinct. Knowing how much of the tree line to take on is somewhat of a gut feeling. It helps to have been there before. Trial and error is the only way to master the punch out strategy. Confidence plays an important role here. To successfully emerge from the timber stand, it’s wise to select a route that minimizes the damage. A smart golfer plays the odds. Sometimes the risky path is tempting, but the most important objective is to get out of the woods. Finding a way to advance to the next best scenario is the goal. Good scores perish when wanna be heroes try to craft an overzealous escape plan. The winning mindset is to save the bold shot for when the peril is past. If lost in the woods, find the quickest way out to the fairway and play hard from there. Get out while you still can!

Each day I post a short golf story like this on my Instagram page @JayRevellWrites – now I’m bringing those musings to my website. Be sure to check in each day for my latest expressions on the game!

If you enjoy these daily stories, you might like my new book, The Nine Virtues of Golf. It debuted earlier this Summer as the #1 new release golf book on Amazon.


The Next Great American Pastime

Golf should be the next great American pastime. The game is widely available and can be enjoyed by anyone. Golf is a means to connect us with our fellow countrymen — no matter their age, sex, race, creed, or political persuasions. A shared love for golf can surely bring people together. Although a highly challenging game, the pleasures of golf are easily found. Golf is a way to enjoy the outdoors, bond with friends, and test our own abilities. As a sport, golf offers an opportunity to compete against many opponents — the course, the elements, ourselves, and each other. Just as in life, golf shows that we are shaped by the obstacles we must navigate. This is also a game for exploration. Golf can be played across nearly any landscape and in many ways it is a showcase of our nation’s beauty. This is a most democratic game as well. Low score always wins. Anybody who is willing to put in the time can become a champion. Good golf is something worth aspiring too and like our country we have to work hard in order to reap its rewards. Golf teaches us perseverance and there is no more American trait that that. Above all else, golf is a way to be free. It grants those who play it the chance to roam and enjoy some time for the betterment of self. For millions of Americans, golf is a grand pursuit of happiness. What better way could we Americans recreate than with a game that so often mirrors our country?

Each day I post a short golf story like this on my Instagram page @JayRevellWrites – now I’m bringing those musings to my website. Be sure to check in each day for my latest expressions on the game!

If you enjoy these daily stories, you might like my new book, The Nine Virtues of Golf. It debuted earlier this Summer as the #1 new release golf book on Amazon.


Dreaming of the Course

How many golfers go to bed dreaming of the first tee? It’s hard to keep the eyes closed with golf on the brain. There is no easier thing to wake up early for than a tee time on a beautiful golf course. In an increasingly tamed world, playing golf remains a thrilling adventure. For many, it’s a splash of excitement that helps to break up the routines of everyday life. In golf, we are allowed the chance to be the champion of our own destiny. For a few hours, every decision about what to do next falls squarely on the golfer. To have that much control is a rare opportunity for most — another reason golf is so addicting. What a glorious feeling to stand on the opening hole with club in hand, friends nearby, and infinite possibilities lying ahead. Golf offers the occasion to begin again. Fresh and unburdened, each round yields a sense of incredible freedom. It’s no wonder we dream about this game so often.

Each day I post a short golf story like this on my Instagram page @JayRevellWrites – now I’m bringing those musings to my website. Be sure to check in each day for my latest expressions on the game!

If you enjoy these daily stories, you might like my new book, The Nine Virtues of Golf. It debuted earlier this Summer as the #1 new release golf book on Amazon.