Chasing a Golf Dream

Dreams are a funny thing. They start out small and when given time, grow to fascinating heights. I’ve always loved to write — an infatuation that has yielded great results in my career, but not something I used to explore other joys in my life. Yet, in recent years, that craft began to intertwine with my passion for golf. Strange and beautiful things can happen when trained skills meet soulful obsessions. Not knowing where that collision would lead, I started to put my thoughts about golf to paper. The result has been various essays, musings, and other contemplations on the game. Those words have lead to all sorts of new friendships, opportunities, and beginnings. The composition of my golfing epiphanies have helped me discover the depths of this most wonderful sport. This practice has also lead to new learnings about my own spirit. Now, that journey has manifested in a collection of my favorite works. It’s a book. A manifesto of sorts. A deceleration of my intentions and beliefs. I call it The Nine Virtues of Golf. It’s my golf story which also happens to be the story of my life. My most sincere hope for which, is to build further connections with my fellow golfer. My book is intended to be a bridge — one uniting me with the game and the millions of people who play it. If this crazy idea works, then perhaps it will lead me to more places and more people who embody the true nature of golf. With a full heart and fulfilled dream, I aim to keep up my writing pursuits. Who knows where they will take me next. Ideally, it will be to fairways near and far with folks like you.

Below is a link to my book, it’s currently the #1 new release golf book on Amazon.

Each day I post a short golf story like this on my Instagram page @JayRevellWrites – now I’m bringing those musings to my website. Be sure to check in each day for my latest expressions on the game!