In the two years since launching my golf media business, I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients to produce a wide range of compelling content. I’ve composed golf stories for both print magazines and digital publications while also engaging with companies and marketing agencies to tell tales based in my love for the game. My aim is to craft attention-grabbing narratives that inspire readers to discover a deeper passion for golf while also serving the needs of clients.

See below for more on the organizations I’ve worked with. is home to many of the best storytellers in the game today. The site has become a digital hub for stories and other related content that goes far beyond the pages of Golf Magazine. I was privileged to work with renowned columnist Alan Shipnuck and the editors of to produce a story about my grandfather and his approach to both playing golf and living a full life.

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Golfer’s Journal

Golfer’s Journal is a quarterly publication featuring incredible storytelling with a stunning visual presentation. This heavily artistic magazine has built a reputation for providing its subscribers a wide variety of stories that are told by some of the most prominent and promising writers in the golf world. For my first project with the Journal, the editors assigned me a detailed oral history of the Tobacco Road Golf Club and its legendary designer Mike Strantz.

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McKellar is a bi-yearly publication that was developed by a team of career-long golf writers for an audience that prefers the written word without much fuss. Described as a “golf companion”, McKellar is a thoughtfully produced collection of stories that are attractively arranged and delivered in a convenient package that makes it perfect for the golfer on the move. In my McKellar debut, I profiled the inaugural Augusta National Women’s Amateur tournament and what it meant for the game.

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MacKenzie Golf Bags

MacKenzie Golf Bags are the leading manufacturer of handmade custom golf bags. Their products can be found at the best golf courses in America and around the world. MacKenzie engaged me to produce a series of blog posts featuring my MacKenzie walking bag as a central character in my golf travels and related adventures.

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Tallahassee Democrat

The Tallahassee Democrat is the paper of record in Florida’s Capital City. In an effort to showcase the area’s many golf courses, I developed a series called “Tallahassee’s Most Memorable Golf Holes.” As part of the two-part feature story, I included a breakdown of eighteen of the most interesting holes from across all eight courses in Tallahassee.

See the front nine of “Tallahassee’s Most Memorable Golf Holes”

See the back nine of “Tallahassee’s Most Memorable Golf Holes”

Golf & Entrepreneurship Magazine

Golf and Entrepreneur Magazine is an online publication featuring stories from a wide range of ambitious business owners who are making a living in and around golf. I write regular stories for the magazine featuring a range of topics including travel, profiles, and the golf lifestyle.

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Golf Advisor

Golf Advisor is one of the leading online communities for active golf travelers. The site features in-depth stories about courses from all across the country as well as user reviews and other content users find useful when planning a golf trip. Powered by NBC Golf Channel, the Golf Advisor brand is a prominent part of the programming on that network as its content is often interwoven with various broadcasts. I produced content for Golf Advisor that is aimed at giving players a new way to look at unique golf destinations including Sweetens Cove Golf Club and Winter Park Golf Course.

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Visit Florida

Working with Visit Florida, I composed a comprehensive review of the best-hidden gem golf experiences in the Orlando area. The “Hiding in the Sunshine” series featured four unique golf destinations with feature-length stories and professional photography. The content package also included an overview travel story and highlight video developed for social media sharing.

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