Damn, That’s Pretty

Every now and then, I’ll come across a small corner of a golf course that gives me pause. I’ll think to myself, “Damn, that’s pretty.” A well-designed golf hole can feel like a painting brought to life. What other game gives us the chance to observe such a full canvas of nature? I enjoy it when a course offers me recurring vignettes of splendid scenery. To see these expressions of the land’s character as I explore the property is a blissful experience. What greater pleasure can golf offer us than to be a guide for the wonders of our world? There are many ways to judge a golf course, but the easiest measure might be whether or not it’s pleasing to the eye. An attractive setting will always be a draw to golfers. Even an average course in a pretty place well usually fair well. Nice views and a pleasant walk will lure me in every time.

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