Down the Stretch

Fall marks the final few holes of the year. It’s the point in the round where I start to think about the score. Even though it’s best to concentrate on the shot at hand, it’s hard not to assess how things stand. Fall is the last chance to make a run at a good number. It’s a final opportunity to turn things around. If I can finish with a flurry of good swings and perhaps make a few putts then I may just get out of this year with my head held high. It’s not a fresh start per se, but it is a reminder that I’m running out of chances to make this trip around the Sun the best it can be. If you think about a year like a round of golf, then you know how good it feels to make some birdies coming home. We all like to close well. Fall is when the final grind kicks in. It takes focus to finish strong and the cooler weather is a signal to get serious. There are only a handful of holes left this year and I plan to make the most of them. Fall is about getting back on track. With a couple of good shots and a decent break or two something special could still occur. I can still post a score that I’m proud of, but I’ve gotta get it going right now.

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