Dreaming of the Course

How many golfers go to bed dreaming of the first tee? It’s hard to keep the eyes closed with golf on the brain. There is no easier thing to wake up early for than a tee time on a beautiful golf course. In an increasingly tamed world, playing golf remains a thrilling adventure. For many, it’s a splash of excitement that helps to break up the routines of everyday life. In golf, we are allowed the chance to be the champion of our own destiny. For a few hours, every decision about what to do next falls squarely on the golfer. To have that much control is a rare opportunity for most — another reason golf is so addicting. What a glorious feeling to stand on the opening hole with club in hand, friends nearby, and infinite possibilities lying ahead. Golf offers the occasion to begin again. Fresh and unburdened, each round yields a sense of incredible freedom. It’s no wonder we dream about this game so often.

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