Golf at Sunrise

Golf at sunrise is good for the soul. Taking a long walk through the morning dew helps to set a positive tone for the day. With crisp reminders of the night still lingering, the golf course wakes up to welcome golfers once again. It’s a splendid time to be enjoying the gifts of this game. There is a vibrancy to nature in those early hours. Birds, bugs, and other critters compose a symphony of stirring sounds to signal the start of something new. While the day is young the golf is pure and unbothered. Beginning the day with such a beloved activity makes even the steepest challenges of life feel benign. For those who find their peace through golf, the dawn yields a particularly pleasing variety of the game. Every day brings new possibilities and playing golf is a great way to explore them. There is much to adore about our world and the course we find at daybreak is littered with those reminders. No matter the tasks that lay ahead, some sunrise swings will help keep them in perspective. It’s awfully hard to have a bad day when it begins with golf.

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