Golf Courses, Both Real and Imagined

Golf is everywhere. Whether I’m on a course in person or only in my mind, the game is always there when I need it. I use golf to sort through whatever challenges are present in my life. Sometimes that’s on the course down the street or on fairways far away, but there are also occasions for which all I have is an old club and some shag balls. In that case, I can make a course come to life just about anywhere. With a little imagination and some desire to make swings, I can conjure up some golf whenever I need it. I’ve found holes to play in forgotten fields and on sandy shores. Through the years, these routings have provided me great relief. Even if all I have is a few minutes to mind my thoughts, these invented golf holes help me find my way. When the opportunity to wander around with a wedge presents itself, I’m quick to disappear. Golf was made for those whose thoughts tend to stray. It provides me a way to channel them in productive ways. If you see me somewhere, walking with a club in hand, just know that I’m not lost. I’m just going through the process of finding my next move. The course, both real and imagined, is always calling. Most times, it takes me exactly where I need to go.

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