Golf is a Game for Family.

Golf is a game for families. People who think otherwise are either blind to the real beauties of the game or part of the reason it gets a bad rap. I spend a great deal of time on the golf course with my family and those hours bring me endless smiles. I know of and have connected with many others who feel the same way. The simple elements of golf — being in nature, laughing at failure, finding unexpected success, and enjoying nearness to others are all qualities that are worthy of sharing with family. There are times reserved for matches and medal play and even fun with friends, but there is no time more suited to showcase the best attributes of Golf like that spent with loved ones. Golf is meant to be shared with those we are closest to. If we share a life with our family, we should also share this most special game with them. It is a wonderful thing to witness the happiness of my child and the excitement of my wife when we come together as a family on a golf course. There are few experiences I love more. This is the version of golf that I am increasingly drawn to. It’s the game I want to play for my lifetime. A golf family is a fine thing to be.

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