Golf Keeps Us Guessing

Right about the time you think you have golf figured out the game will throw you a curve-ball. Because of its difficult nature, golf keeps us guessing. What works during one wonderful round may send you searching for balls the next time you play. It’s a fickle game. Since golf can not be mastered, it requires a lifetime of study in order to find just enough success to avoid madness. Sound fun? It’s not a game for the easily deterred soul. It is however a grand one and it’s worthy of our pursuit. The real joy of golf comes from the journey it takes us on. Each time we walk back on to the course to find our game presents another chance that we might create a special memory. If you don’t play, it won’t happen. If golf went just right every time we would quickly become bored with it. After all, what would be the point in trying to solve an easy puzzle?

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