Green Means Golf

The grass is turning green again and the days are getting longer. I need my schedule clean and then my game can soon grow stronger.

I soon won’t need my layers on to enjoy the swings and walks. I’ll spend my days with players who prefer not scores, but talks.

We will stride the hills and meadows in search of golf’s great glory, seeking to live the game we love and to tell another story.

A few clubs, a bag, and some scenery is all that I’ll be looking for, to play some golf, my friends and me, we always dream of playing more.

We chase the sun and learn the lessons that only golf can teach, knowing that we never fret, the perfect round beyond our reach.

Spring is near then Summer comes with more golf on the horizon, I’m ready to see my friends again when the temperatures start rising.

There are shots to shape and putts to make as we prepare to start the season. Our love for golf, this game of ours, is still our solemn reason.

So cheers to weather we all enjoy, the sights and sounds of Spring! We all look forward to golf again and the fellowship our game can bring.