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Hey there friends,

Being a lifelong golfer, I have formed many working theories on the game and through my pursuit of the sport I have settled on a few that I think hold true. In my books and stories, you’ll get to join me as I explore the depths of golf and why it means so much to so many.

Golf creates a unique bond between those of us who play it. We can quickly recognize a kindred spirit on the first tee. That’s because, despite our different experiences, every golfer is capable of experiencing the game’s special magic. Speaking to that truth has always been my aim as a writer.

I found golf while growing up in a small town and since then it has taken me to courses all across America. Golf has brought me closer to my family, earned me friends from many corners of the world, and has carried me between the chapters of my life. For these reasons and many more, I am unabashedly in love with the game.

If golf is an essential part of your life, as it is mine, then my musings may feel familiar to you. Perhaps you’ve felt many of the same golfing emotions that I have. I’m hopeful my stories will remind you of what makes golf good for your soul and lead you to a deeper enjoyment of the game.

Remember, if you are looking for something, go play golf and I’ll bet you’ll find it. If you need a guide, my books will help.

Cheers to good golf with friends on fairways near and far,

Swing, Walk, Repeat

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If you think of golf as more than just a game, if you consume it as a lifestyle, if you’ve played while walking your dog, if you prefer your feet to wheels, if you seek a retreat and invest in the connections and camaraderie, if good writing soothes your soul, then I suggest spending time with anything and everything Jay Revell. His words, perspective, and appreciation for what matters most is why you’ll keep coming back for more. And I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

– Matt Ginella, Author,
co-creator of Firepit Collective, and former editor at Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, and Golf Channel

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