Let the Hill Be Your Friend

Downhill lies require an elevated level of attention. It’s the alignment that’s the hardest thing to get right. Being on a slope makes for interesting golf, but without proper consideration a misfired shot can easily become the result. It is in these unbalanced situations where good feel pays off. Developing an ability to position the body in line with the camber of the ground is key. You can’t fight the hill, you have to swing with it. Through your feet, torso, and shoulder, there must be a sense of connection to the angle for which the ball lies. By creating one continuous plane you can swing in a normal fashion and generate an impressive result. Those who overthink this scenario are bound to make a mistake. By calibrating your body to respond to the incline, a good turn is all that is needed. The trajectory may be influenced of course, but the only thing that matters is where the ball winds up. Despite what may look like a daunting ball position the results can work in your favor if you just get lined up properly. Let the hill be your friend.

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