Lost in the Woods

The woods are not well suited for golf. It’s best to avoid play from there. Unfortunately we all find our way into the trees from time to time. That’s when we must call on our scrambler’s instinct. Knowing how much of the tree line to take on is somewhat of a gut feeling. It helps to have been there before. Trial and error is the only way to master the punch out strategy. Confidence plays an important role here. To successfully emerge from the timber stand, it’s wise to select a route that minimizes the damage. A smart golfer plays the odds. Sometimes the risky path is tempting, but the most important objective is to get out of the woods. Finding a way to advance to the next best scenario is the goal. Good scores perish when wanna be heroes try to craft an overzealous escape plan. The winning mindset is to save the bold shot for when the peril is past. If lost in the woods, find the quickest way out to the fairway and play hard from there. Get out while you still can!

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