My Biggest Fan

There are many things that a father represents in the lives of his children. A father is a mentor, friend, caregiver, and supporter. Fathers are also fans. They root for their children to succeed both in life and in other ventures. My dad has long been my biggest fan. The same goes for my brother. “Pops” as we call him, has been pulling for his boys in every endeavor we pursue since the days we became his sons. There is nobody I know, who yearns as much to see his offspring prosper. When we play golf, I’ve often thought that Pops cared more about watching us then playing himself. I’ve always thought that was pretty damn cool. Pops can play a bit too. He’ll sneak up on us from time to time, but his biggest golf smiles are had when he gets to witness a tight match between his boys. A hard working soul, he has taught us a great many things in this life, but the most important thing he’s ever shown us is how to be a great dad. If I had to boil his approach down to one simple idea it would be this: always insist on the continued advancement of your children. Pops has pushed us and coached us along our whole lives. Both on and off the golf course he still roots for his boys. It’s great to know I have a fan like that. Love ya Pops.

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