No Carts, Thank You

Summer is when the walking golfers show their true colors. It’s easy to opt in for a stroll when it’s a breezy 75 degrees outside, but when the heat index clears triple digits the diehards tend to stand out. It takes a certain commitment to carry your clubs while under the blazing Summer Sun. Despite the convenience of taking a cart, it’s better to test your stamina and take a hike instead. The sweat is good for you and their is a rush that comes from tarrying across the course in blistering conditions. Walking is addictive and it yields a sense of accomplishment. In Summer, the steps mean ever more. It only takes a few rounds in a cart to lose your pace and fall into the trap of riding. Stay true to your convictions and take the course in stride. Playing on foot will always be worth the work. Even beneath a relentless Sun, the game remains best enjoyed by foot.

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