One Hole Can Change Your Perspective

A truly great golf hole is impossible to forget. From the first time you see it, something about your understanding of the game changes. It’s not how you play it that is memorable — it’s how the hole made you feel. Sometimes, a single hole can become the spark for a larger interest in golf design. A study of course architecture can be a portal to a deeper appreciation for the game. For the uninitiated, it may seem like much ado about nothing, but it only takes one special place to change that outlook. The right hole will serve as the key that unlocks this door. While trodding across certain fairways, a golfer’s eyes can be opened to new ways of seeing the world. The elements of an intoxicating golf hole can speak volumes about the artistry involved in building such spaces. The best holes have layers. Like a blistering chapter in a compelling novel, a single hole keeps the interest up and the pages turning. They stand out not only as part of the larger course, but also in the catalogue of golf memories in your mind. This game offers an endless buffet of fascinating experiences. The more you seek to know about how and why holes are built, the more you’ll find an appreciation for the places you play. It only takes falling in love with one hole to start that journey.

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