Rituals as Experiences in Golf

Rituals can be a compelling way to create a memorable experience. In golf, there are many great examples of this. Bagpipes at sundown are a familiar scene in some special places. Cannon fire breaks the silence of the morning in others. A ritual can come in many forms. They often exist as a ceremony of sorts. These productions may be based on history or other stories that are unique to a place. Often found at resorts and elite clubs, golf related rituals are used as a showcase of tradition. They can even represent the passage of time or a transition of leadership. Competitions can be celebrated in this manner as well — either through a grand opening moment or via the elaborate presentation of trophies and awards. Rituals can include music, oratory, or various other forms of performance. Rituals should excite the senses and provide entertainment. They pair well with golf for many reasons as connections to nature and history have always made for good storytelling. A ritual sparks imagination and stirs the blood. When provided at regular intervals, they also create specific reasons for people to return to a place. For those who attend and observe them, rituals are a way to experience a shared memory. Leaving golfers with yet another story to tell about their experiences in the game.

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