Some Needed Room To Wander

A golf course is a place of refuge. A retreat if you will. The places in which we play this game are far more than just grassy plains with obstacles scattered about. They are grounds fashioned for the enjoyment of life and contemplation of what our role might be in it. The golf course is intended to be a friendly confine for sorting through the theories we’ve formed for the world. It’s somewhere devised to help us remember why we are here. The holes we play are helpful tools for discovering who we are through the exploration of self. It’s a location to let go. Somewhere we can be vulnerable while still being able to feel safe. The golf course is one of the few venues for which we can be both released from our burdens and grounded in our reality. To feel those conflicts simultaneously is to know the boundaries of our existence. We come with clubs in tow and play a game across these fields, yet the more important reason for a course to be is so that we might have some room to wander. It is in the space between our swings that we, the golfers, are most mindful and appreciative of all that we’ve been given. To traverse these lands through our sporting habits is to be at peace. We go to the course for so much more than golf.

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