Somewhere Between Glory and Despair

The difference between glory and despair is often marginal. The fate of a shot is decided in just a moment. With a breath being held and the ball falling slowly from the sky it becomes apparent that the result is uncertain. Watching closely, the golfer keenly focuses on every factor affecting the ball’s flight — wind, humidity, and temperature along with trajectory and velocity all combine at once. These details are rapidly considered in the brief amount of time that a shot is underway. Hope isn’t enough to overcome a slight miss though. Even the smallest observation as a shot takes off can tell the ball-striker what their fate is. Some body English is added as a desperate final push, but those needed inches won’t quite come. The undesirable image of a shot that has fallen just short is a devastating blow. Like a misjudged rocket launch, the results seem catastrophic. The only solace from this outcome is knowing that the risk was worth taking. Those thrilling seconds are what make a golfer feel alive and that’s why the game is played. Another opportunity will surely come again.

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