Still A Boy in Summer

When I was a young lad, Summer meant long days on the golf course. From the first light of day until the moon appeared in the evening sky, I could be found with my friends playing our favorite game. The walks were extensive and matches seemed never ending. We only took breaks to have a swim in the pool or enjoy a candy bar and a coke on the clubhouse porch. Those days were magic and I miss them dearly. Now, as I’m older and bound by many commitments, my Summer days are filled with different things. Yet, golf hasn’t stopped pulling me into the sunshine. I find my time on the course after work or on weekends — still chasing my passion through the humidity and high temperatures of the season. Of all the things I love about the game, my favorite may just be how it makes me feel like a kid. Whether I’m playing a few holes with my dog at dusk or walking with friends on a warm Saturday morning, I’m reminded of the joys I experienced in my adolescence. The breaks I take now tend to include different beverages and if I go to the pool it’s with my young family. That old magic hasn’t left me though. Golf fills my spirit and makes me smile. Just like it did when I was a boy in Summer.
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