Summer is Here

Summertime is synonymous with golf. Long days and high temperatures set the scene for play. This season is a celebration of the game. All across America, golfers take to the course in mass. Here the quest for low scores and fellowship happens under a sizzling sun. The smell of sunscreen and sensation of sweat beading on brows is a welcome sign. For nearly four months golf is one of the most pressing items on the agenda. Tournaments, cookouts, laughter, and joyous moments arrive as a result. The heat turns on and the parking lots are full. Wide brim hats, parasols, and bright colors populate fairways. Cold beers disappear at an alarming rate and the water coolers always run low. The cicadas are humming their familiar soundtrack and it even sounds hot. Shade is in high demand triggering memories of a misspent youth. Between dodging rain clouds and looking for the beverage cart, golfers are chasing down birdies in force. Swings are served with hot dogs and a side of nostalgia. Tans return to legs and a playful mood settles in again. In Summer, golf is in season once more.

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