My New Book – Swing, Walk Repeat – is Now Available for Pre-Order!

New Golf Book Features Over 230 Love Letters to the Game

I’m excited to share that my new book — Swing, Walk, Repeat — is now available for pre-order via Back Nine Press!

The book is filled with observations from my lifelong golf obsession. The truths I explore in the Swing, Walk, Repeat are shared through a collection of over 230 love letters to the game. These mini-essays were all written during the height of the COVID19 pandemic and are evidence of how golf helps me live a fuller life.

In the pages of this book, you’ll find reflections on how I like to play, the friendships golf inspires, and how the game has been an essential part of my family. I included passages that document lessons I’ve been taught, truths I’ve discovered, and emotions I’ve experienced. There are even some ramblings on what I think about the current state of the game and how it operates as a business. In many ways, this is my golf manifesto.

Because the book is broken into dozens of short reads it is presented as an everyday golf devotional. Each page offers an example of how the lines between golf and life are so often blurred for the better. Those pieces are punctuated with some amazing illustrations by the talented artist Dave Baysden. I can’t wait for people to get to read it!

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Pre-Order Your Copy in Time for the Holidays

All pre-orders for Swing, Walk, Repeat will be shipped in time for the holidays and I believe this book will make a great gift for any golf lover. I also know this will be a book many golfers will want to keep by their bed, in the office, or anywhere that a small dose of golf might be helpful. I like to think that you’ll be able to pick up this volume, open it to any page, and find some words that remind you why golf is such a special game to so many.

The feedback I’ve gotten on Swing, Walk, Repeat has been really cool to read. It seems like the work is hitting a nerve for many of my fellow golf tragics. See below for a note from Golf in the Kingdom author Michael Murphy.

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Thanks for Supporting My Golf Writing

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with such talented people as Jim Sitar at Back Nine Press and my good friend Dave Baysden. The book we’ve partnered to create has been a real labor of love and I’m thrilled to now begin sharing its contents.

Thanks to everyone of you for your continued support of my golf writing. I can’t tell you how much it means to have you all read my words about this amazing game.

Stay tuned for more details on my new book, Swing, Walk, Repeat.