Mid-Am Crisis ft. Tom Coyne – Author, A Course Called America

Tom Coyne, Author of A Course Called America

Tom Coyne doesn’t need much of an introduction. If you are a golf reader, his name will be familiar. Coyne is the author of a handful of moving golf books including a couple New York Times Bestsellers. His golf tales include popular titles such as A Gentleman’s Game, Paper Tiger, A Course Called Ireland, A Course Called Scotland, and his latest effort, A Course Called America. In those books, Coyne takes readers along with him on a series of ambitious adventures. All of which begin with a looming question and become a journey of personal discovery. In these beautifully told tales, Coyne takes readers right along with him on cross country adventures that provide a backdrop for stories about the people and places that make golf a game worth playing.

In addition to his books, Coyne has found a number of other impressive outlets to tell golf stories through. In recent years he has made a home at The Golfer’s Journal where he has authored numerous essays and articles about his experiences in the game. Recently, he has been named Senior Editor for the publication. Coyne has also spent time in front of the camera hosting a variety of shows included a digital series called The Links Life that chronicles his worldly travels. All of which is impressive for a married father of two girls who teaches full time at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

I’ve known Tom Coyne for a few years now and have thoroughly enjoyed his company on and off the golf course. He’s been a great guide on my own golf writing career journey and was even kind enough to write the forward for my first book, The Nine Virtues of Golf. I’m excited to dive into his latest book and with his new role at The Golfer’s Journal I’m looking forward to have him edit some of my work.

Coyne joins me on Mid-Am Crisis to talk about A Course Called America, his plans to promote the book this Summer, and what his new role with The Golfer’s Journal means for his career. We talked about life and golf of course and as always his sense of humor and enjoyable disposition made for a great conversation. I’m hopeful our travels will lead us to playing together again soon and perhaps he even will give me a good grade on my next submission to The Golfer’s Journal.

For more information on Tom Coyne’s writings and how to bring him to your club for a book signing, please visit https://www.tomcoyne.com/

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