Some Swings Before Work

Golf in the morning is sure to make any day much improved. Especially if it happens before work. There’s something about swinging through the dew that makes me want to get things done. Maybe it’s the sights and sounds of the course coming together around me. Meditations under a morning sun are good for focusing the mind. It only takes a few holes to get my conscience in line with my ambitions and from that clarity strategies for business start to form. Golf is an underrated mechanism for charting a productive day. As much as I adore ending my evenings on the course, starting a day there is a different sort of dopamine hit. Instead of relaxing after work, the object of the early morning outing is more akin to a check up on my determination. With a full schedule ahead, a quickened pace is needed, and finishing on time is the first accomplishment of the day. Getting the heart rate up helps to set the tone for the work that needs to happen later. In this sense, dawn patrol is a wonderful window of time for golf. When there is much to do, those hours may be the only ones available for the game. I’ve often profited from such walks when all I could do is swing, walk, and repeat in a timely way. In those dew-covered steps I find a rhythm for my daily requirements. Work starts as soon as I start thinking about it and a few holes with coffee is a great way to fall into the cadence of a busy day. The focus needed for golf is easily transferred to other projects. If I can scratch my itch for this early, then the rest of the day is left to get things done.

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