Why Don’t We Do This More?

“What could we be doing that’s better than this?” It’s a good question to ask. When we find ourselves enjoying golf in the late afternoon with friends and family it’s hard not to wonder why we don’t do it more. The peacefulness found in these outings makes it easy to remember the true beauty of golf. We become relaxed in the most wonderful ways and through our wide-open eyes the world seems to glisten. To be in nature and with those whose presence we treasure is always special. It warms the soul and calms the heart. How tragic that we don’t insist on this relief more often. In those moments, the world moves at a trickling pace and for a few hours, we can see just how good life can be. To play golf is to pause conflict. The combination of grassy fields, soaring clouds, flora, and fauna before us seems to erode all worldly tension. We fill that void with smiles, laughter, small talk, and other visible signs of joy. As we play, we can’t help but ponder why we aren’t together like this every day. Our time on earth is minuscule and if the best of it happens on a golf course, why would we not make a habit of it? The only real barrier is how we chose to spend what little time we have.

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Hit Some While You Can

After the evening showers pass some golfers look for a bit of practice before dark. The all-clear signal is made by clouds turned the most peculiar shade of orange. There in the atmospheric cocktail shaker, light blends with the leftover moisture releasing a unique spectrum of color before nightfall. In these final minutes of a once rainy day there is somehow still time for a few swings beneath this fiendish sky. Only the committed golfers know these colors though — acquainted through years of dedication. It’s good to hit some while you can. Every rep counts and the colors are certainly worth seeing.

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