A Moment of Glory

Golfing glory is found through all sorts of shots. If you play the game long enough, it’s magic will find you in many different ways. A few times in every golfing life there will be moments that defy logic. The ball will find its way to the hole and send shock waves through your nervous system. There’s no way to anticipate the amazing. In an instant, what began as just another round can become a memorable outing you’ll never forget. When the unexpected happens, the celebration rings out and cheers rise among friends. Arms are raised for the accomplishment of rare feats and all the bad shots you’ve ever hit seem worth it. The smiles will last for some time, but the overwhelming joy of such a shot is fleeting. There is still more golf to play and additional swings to make. After the thrill of a tremendous shot subsides, the hunt for the next bit of glory begins. You’ll find it again, but only when you least expect it.

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