Mid-Am Crisis ft. Casey Bannon, Assistant Editor – The Golfer’s Journal

Casey Bannon listens as Sidney Matthew is interviewed by Jay Revell at Matthew’s law office in Tallahassee, Fla., on Saturday, Feb. 7, 2020. Photo by Kevin D. Liles for The Golfer’s Journal

Casey Bannon gets text messages from me at all hours of the day and night. Most of them contain crazy ideas. Story pitches and other wild hairs that I hope will eventually become features in my favorite golf publication – The Golfer’s Journal. I’ve had the great fortune to contribute a few fun stories for the Journal in recent years and one of the best parts of that experience has been working with Casey. He’s the Assistant Editor there, but that title only covers a fraction of his value to their team.

Listen to my discussion with Casey Bannon of the Golfer’s Journal

The Golfer’s Journal works very much like a start-up. That means that Casey and other team members have to be able to do lots of different jobs. For him, that means writing features, editing others, producing podcasts, running live events, pushing merch, and even delivering social media content. Launched five years ago, the Journal is starting to hit an impressive stride. What started as a bold idea has now grown into one of golf media’s strongest brands. That starts with producing a beautiful quarterly magazine that their team refers to as “the book.” It’s a highly attractive product with a quickly growing customer base.

What makes the Journal stand out is its combination of stirring words and moving photography delivered on thick stock glossy pages. With golf stories presented in such a relentlessly beautiful way, their brand of reporting has challenged the idea that “print is dead.” Subscriptions are pricey, but those who are part of the “broken tee society” are buying much more than just a magazine. They are part of a growing culture of golfers who are looking for and finding a deeper and more meaningful experience in the game. The Journal does a brilliant job of packaging that together in the book, podcasts, merchandise, and events. What they are building is a community of golfers around the globe.

There is a lot to love about The Golfer’s Journal and Casey is one of the workhorses who helps make all that come to life. He joins me for a discussion about those efforts, his career in journalism, and what motivates him to keep delivering high-level storytelling. We also dive into a few projects we’ve worked on and share a few insider stories about how The Golfer’s Journal pushes the edge in golf media. Casey is a great guy who I enjoy working with and I’m glad to help others get to know him better through this episode. I’m also hopeful this will help keep him answering my late-night story pitch texts.

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Mid-Am Crisis ft. Malcolm Scovil, Founder – Imagine Golf

Have you ever searched for help with the mental side of your golf game? I’ve always been a big fan of books that are aimed at sharpening these tools – Zen Golf, Golf is Not a Game of Perfect, and even Golf in the Kingdom come to mind. Those reads and many more have shaped how I view a round of golf.

I’ve also found that using meditation apps like Calm has been a great help in building a positive mindset in my everyday life. All of this is why I was so excited to hear about a new app that combines those approaches for golfers. It’s called Imagine Golf and my friend Malcolm Scovil is the founder.

Imagine Golf creates a moving listening experience as a way to help subscribers improve their mental game on and off the golf course. Malcolm and I connected when he was getting Imagine Golf up off the ground and I’ve enjoyed working with him to produce a few of my stories for the app. Since then, I’ve become a subscriber to Imagine Golf and have deeply enjoyed the daily mental lessons. Not only do they help me play better golf, but they also have brought me some clarity to other corners of my mind.

Malcolm and I have expanded our working relationship of late and Imagine Golf is now the sponsor of Mid-Am Crisis. I’ve loved getting to know him and his team and each time we talk reveals a new and interesting story about golf and life. Malcolm joins me on this episode to tell a few of those tales and help kick off our new partnership. If you enjoy the calming sound of his voice, you’ll really like hearing it come through the Imagine Golf app for a few minutes each day. I know that I do.

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Mid-Am Crisis ft. Christian Hafer – Chief Photographer, Golf Magazine

Christian Hafer working in his element.

Christian Hafer’s photographs always move me in some way. That’s why I’m really glad he decided to focus his craft on golf. I started following Hafer on Instagram back when he was relatively unknown and always was quick to compliment his work. Over the years our messages have ranged from photography to writing, and on to many other topics related to golf. He’s been one of my favorite internet pen pals and it has been a real pleasure to see his career take off the way it has.

I knew Hafer was destined for big things and when folks at the Golfers Journal and Golf Magazine came calling his status as one of golf’s top photogs was quickly cemented. Today, he’s raising a family and running point on all the photography for Golf Magazine/Golf.com while also working with some of the top brands in the sport. Those publications have never looked better as his work continues to evolve and impress. Hafer has been involved in a variety of other golf-related efforts including The Burning Cart Society( a personal favorite ) and I love hearing about what he’s cooking up next.

In this discussion, we touched on all sorts of creative concepts and of course talked in-depth about our love for golf, family, and the spiritual side of the game. While we’ve still never met in person, Hafer feels like an old friend. I think you’ll walk away with the same way after listening. 

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Mid-Am Crisis ft. Michael Wolf – President, 288 Sports

Michael Wolf is best known for his golf history enthusiasm on Twitter. His handle, @BamaBearcat , has become one of the top sources for interesting tidbits and unique stories about golf. He also chronicles his travels around the globe in pursuit of the game.

To support his golf habits and massive historical book collection, Wolf works as a full-time manager for multiple touring professionals. His company, 288 Sports represents a select number of PGA Tour members with which he has a close relationship. I’ve known Wolf through Twitter for a few years now and highly recommend him as a follow for my fellow golf history and travel enthusiasts.

One of these days I’m going to take him up on the offer to jump on a plane and go chase golf courses. Our conversation in this episode certainly made me eager to go. 

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You can also get a taste of his favorite courses in this great article – https://www.ukgolfguy.com/golf-blog/michael-wolf-favourite-courses

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Mid-Am Crisis ft. Michael Williams – Founder, A Continuous Lean

A Continuous Lean Founder Michael Williams

Mid-Am Crisis is a weekly podcast featuring intimate discussions with some of golf’s most interesting personas. The show is available anywhere podcasts are found.

Michael Williams is not a golf expert, but he certainly has a passion for the game and the lifestyles that come with it. His blog, A Continuous Lean, has become one of the most popular sites in the country for menswear enthusiasts thanks to his storytelling abilities and nose for the unique. Now, he’s getting ready to apply that same enthusiasm to his love for golf.

In 2021, Williams is launching a new site called ACLgolf.com which will be a home for content based around what he calls the “intersection of golf’s concentric circles.” I like to think that Williams and I would run into each other in those circles quite often. I’ve only known him for the past year, but each time we get a chance to speak, I feel like we are simply on the same wavelength, especially when talking golf. 

In our most recent conversation, we discussed many of our favorite theories on the game including its undeniable mental health benefits. We compared notes on some favorite travel spots and spent quite a few minutes talking about personal style and the expression of individual beliefs. The latter may not sound like golf topics, but I can assure you they are. 

Michael Williams is the perfect example of how the internet has helped me build relationships all across the world through conversations about golf. Despite living on the other side of America and having never met in person, each time we talk it feels like catching up with an old golfing friend. That’s what golf does and I’m awfully glad the game connected the two of us. I think you’ll see why when you listen to the show.  

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Mid-Am Crisis ft. Ed Bates(Gramps) – My Grandfather and former Club Professional at Havana Golf & Country Club

Gramps tees off for his weekly game at Havana Golf & Country Club

Mid-Am Crisis is a weekly podcast featuring intimate discussions with some of golf’s most interesting personas. The show is available anywhere podcasts are found.

My Grandfather, Ed Bates, is my golf hero. He taught me the game and has shaped so much about how I strive to live my life. His easy-going disposition and constant optimism have always been something I aspire to. Gramps, as I call him, was the club professional at the nine-hole course I grew up at. He worked behind the counter there for 35 years and touched a lot of lives along the way. For him, golf has always been a foundation for building friendships and a vessel on the journey towards self-improvement. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who loves the game as much as he does…and that’s saying something.  

We recorded this episode on the eve of Gramps’ 87th birthday. Amazingly, even at his impressive age, he still plays golf four days per week. On most of those occasions, he still beats his age. There aren’t many folks who spend every day at the place they worked for three decades but for Gramps the golf course is just home. He once told me that the secret to life was “a hard day’s work, a loving wife, and a happy child.” Golf was how he made that his reality.

During our discussion, we talked about how that all came to be. In addition to Gramps’ life story and golf legend, we also talked about some of the ways he’s taught the game to people. In those moments, he shares what I believe are some of the best lessons any golfer can learn. He’s a wise old sage and someday when we run out of chats like this I know I’ll be coming back to listen to this again and learn from him once more.  

Gramps, if you read this or ever listen to the show, please know that I love you dearly and can never thank you enough for giving me the gift of golf. The best I can do is share the game with others and try to spread the ideals that you taught me.  

For those who want to read more about Gramps, check out the story I wrote about him for Golf.com at the link below. https://golf.com/news/features/good-golf-monotonous-story-about-gramps-ed-bates/ 

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Mid-Am Crisis ft. D.J. Piehowski, Producer, No Laying Up

D.J. Piehowski Filming Strapped:Tallahassee at Capital City Country Club

Mid-Am Crisis is a weekly podcast featuring intimate discussions with some of golf’s most interesting personas. The show is available anywhere podcasts are found.

D.J. Piehowski is part of the No Laying Up collective. Along with his friends and partners Chris Solomon(Soly), Todd Schuster(Tron Carter), Neil Schuster, and Phil Landes(Big Randy), they have created one of the most entertaining and informative golf media companies in the game today. Although D.J. was the last to officially join the team, he acts as a sort of creative glue that helps to elevate their content through his superb storytelling abilities.

D.J. cut his teeth in golf media working first at Golfweek and later at the PGA Tour. Through his writing and other skillsets he also helped The Golfer’s Journal become an incredibly popular brand in the golf world. Through the latter engagements, he made quick friends with the original No Laying Up guys and before long found himself as an integral part of their team. D.J. brings a unique perspective to their content and his affinity for finding the right strings to pull during interviews adds an interesting depth to their productions. His love of filmmaking and study of cinema shows through in nearly every video they share across their Youtube channel.

I first connected with D.J. a few years ago when he was kind enough to read some of my earliest writings(they weren’t very good!) on the game and the tips he was nice enough to give me then still help shape my work today. We recently spent some time together when he, Neil, and Big Randy visited my hometown of Tallahassee, Florida to shoot a season of their budget-friendly golf show called Strapped. As much as I enjoyed watching them create their show in person, it was even more fun to talk with him about the work they do at No Laying Up during this discussion.

D.J. is one of the great voices in the game of golf today and he brings tremendous authenticity to every story he tells. If you enjoy their work or just love hearing from someone who’s chasing a dream with friends I think you’ll really like listening to our chat. Lord knows it had me ready to go tell some stories of my own.  

You can dive into the No Laying Up universe of golf content at https://nolayingup.com/ 

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Mid-Am Crisis ft. Will Smith, Co-Founder, National Links Trust & The Outpost Club

East Potomac Park, part of the National Links Trust offerings in Washington D.C.

Mid-Am Crisis is a weekly podcast featuring intimate discussions with some of golf’s most interesting personas. The show is available anywhere podcasts are found.

Will Smith seems to will things into existence. No project makes that more evident than the creation of the National Links Trust. Along with his long time friend Michael McCartin, Smith breathed life into the National Links Trust as a means for setting a new course for public golf in Washington, D.C.

The recently formed non-profit was established to preserve, improve, and promote the three courses owned by the National Park Service in our nation’s capital. East Potomac Park, Langston, and Rock Creek are all listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the National Links Trust is on a mission to elevate their playing experiences while keeping them as beacons for affordable public golf. With a long term lease of those courses now in hand, Smith and his colleagues have set forth to restore and renovate the facilities.

Although that road may be long, Smith and the NLT team have proven their ability to attract other visionaries to the project. To date, three of the best architects in golf are slated to lead the work – Tom Doak, Gil Hanse, and Beau Welling have all agreed to come on board. Thanks to Smith and others, the excitement for what these courses can become has reached a fever pitch among beltway golfers and architecture enthusiasts around the U.S.

When not working through the challenges of National Links Trust, Smith is deeply involved in the golf society he co-founded. The Outpost Club began as an extension of opportunities Smith found from working in golf design and today it has become one of the premier golf societies in America. It is another example of Smith’s ability to execute a vision.

During our recent discussion, Smith and I discussed his work with National Links Trust, his background in golf and love for course design, as well as why The Outpost Club has become such a successful golf society. Smith is a genuine and passionate person whose professional ambitions are born from a desire to create unique and memorable experiences through golf. Our conversation was easy to get lost in.  

For more information on the National Links Trust please visit https://www.nationallinkstrust.com/ 

To learn more about The Outpost Club please visit http://outpostclub.com/

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Golfers from all over Washington D.C. flock to the facilities at East Potomac Park

Cheers, My Friends

Hey there friends,

I hope you and yours are enjoying a warm holiday season and that you are preparing to start your new year with some golf in it. 2020 has been one hell of an adventure, but despite its many challenges, I’m still thankful for all that I have been given – especially from the game of golf.

Golf has proven, once again, to be a powerful force in my life. From the quiet meditative late afternoon walks to the laughter of a socially distant buddies trip, golf has helped me get through this tumultuous year in so many ways. I was able to travel to a few familiar places, spend lots of time with family and friends on my home course, and write some stories about it all along the way. This year, I feel especially blessed to have the game in my life.

As I sit here at my desk, reflecting on 2020, I have so much to be grateful for. This past year I crafted stories for the Golfers Journal, McKellar Magazine, Golf.com, and Golf Advisor. I also published my first book! In recent months, I even started a new podcast and I’m really proud of how it has turned out. All that being said, I wanted to let you all know just how much I appreciate you reading my words and following my work. It truly means the world to me.

Golf is such an incredible journey and I can’t believe the places and people this game has introduced me to. Despite spending so much time at home this year, I feel like I developed more new connections than ever. What a time to be alive! I’m hopeful that 2021 will bring more trips, better golf, and new discoveries. Perhaps I’ll even get to meet a few more of you.

I’ll leave you with a parting thought and a bit of news. First off, I pray that you are making it through this pandemic in good spirits and that your loved ones are all still with us. This year has accelerated so many changes in the world and I hope some of them are benefiting you. For me, this year has shown just how important it is to have family, friends, and colleagues who care about you and want to see you succeed. What an important thing to remember. Finally, I want to share, that this Spring, I’ll be releasing my second book. I’m still pulling all the details together, but come around Masters time you’ll see it ready for purchase. I’m excited to share some of the things I’ve been working on and I think you’ll find that it is both familiar and fresh all at the same time. Stay tuned for more on that!

Meanwhile, as this year comes to a close, I want to thank you again for your support and patronage. Without an audience, words don’t travel very far. Thanks to you, there have been some Jay Revell stories shared all around the globe this year. I truly treasure every interaction that I have with my readers and friends and I want you to know how much you all mean to me.

So, tee it up somewhere today if you can. If not, pour a glass of something good later tonight and give cheers to golf and how it brings us together. I’ll be drinking to great memories from this year and to the hope of finding new friends next year on fairways near and far.

Let’s go make some birdies in 2021.

Cheers, my friends.

-J. Revell

Member/Guest Season

I’m not sure who first invented the idea of member/guest golf tournaments, but I’m sure glad they did. Some of my favorite golf memories have been born from the long laugh-filled days of these competitions. It’s hard to have a bad time while engrossed in such an indulgent environment. When invited to play, I jump at the chance to participate. It’s a lot of fun to get lost in golf with friends for a weekend. These club tournaments are marked by heavy pours, interesting personas, and tense putts. The food spread is obscene and the smack talk is turned up to the highest level. No matter the format it’s always a good way to compete with kindred spirits. You’ve got to really love golf to spend that much time and money on it in a 48-hour window. The member/guest experience was made for the golf junkie and I’m unquestionably part of that crowd. I’ve been on some winning teams but most of my member/guest record is defined by side-splitting jokes, bets that don’t payout and playing as much as I can before having to return to the daily routine. Being in the mix is always exhilarating, however, the real enjoyment comes from the people I meet and the places I get to know better. No two events are the same and I wish I could get to play them all. Member/guest tournaments always leave me with a small headache and a smile — signs of a good time had by all. It’s a scene that suits me well.

If you enjoy these daily stories, you might like my new book, The Nine Virtues of Golf. It debuted earlier this year as the #1 new release golf book on Amazon.