Golfers are Insane.

Golfers are insane. We will brave nearly any scenario and face unimaginable consequences just for the chance to hit a great shot. No matter what forces may rain down upon us, we insist on playing through. For centuries our kind has fought battles with nature and wars against our better judgment all for the opportunity to chase a little ball. It defies logic. There are no ways for which to adequately describe such madness. The golfer’s soul is tormented by a deep-rooted desire to play the game no matter what else is happening. Dodging lightning, missing family dinners, and denying the demands of one’s conscience are all par for the course. Good decisions don’t seem to live around these parts. Golfers understand the brevity of life and they don’t care much for advice that demonizes risk. It’s not so much that the game is well suited for squirrelly personas, but instead, people of a certain character are attracted to golf for its risks and rewards. No common sense or force of nature can seem to keep the golfer at bay. We play on. Not even the rains of Noah could wash out the desire to make a few good swings. The golfer never stops.

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