Give It Everything You Got

Some golf holes require a mighty swing. These are the sort where in order to score well a bold move must be made. Every course deserves a moment or two that challenge the limits of a player’s ability. A smooth turn works in most instances, but certain holes demand a bit more gusto. A big carry or sharp dogleg may be the instigating scenario here. There is always a high risk of failure involved in these tense scenarios. Hazards and hillocks may be scattered about and doom may seem certain. Knowing that an ejection can occur is a powerful motivation to abandon any trepidation though. There’s only one way to manage this. With no safe harbor in sight, the golfer must conjure up a confident swing to overcome an uncertain result. A decisive strike is needed to avoid the potential pitfalls placed on the hole. These shots will cause all sorts of trouble for the golfer who can’t stay focused. Too much thinking will turn things sideways in a hurry. It’s better to grab a trusted club and swing it with authority. Make a lashing blow down and through the ball. Moving onward to the target with a high finish and hope for a fine result. Shots like this are what make golf interesting. Give it everything you got.

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