Golf is Great for Teenagers

A golf course is a great place to be a teenager. It’s the sort of environment most adolescents need as they begin the transition to adulthood. During one’s formative years it’s important to have a laboratory for learning. Every hole is an opportunity to discover something new about life. Golf teaches many things that young people will prosper from knowing. Patience, perseverance, self-belief, and courteousness to name a few. Playing with contemporaries and other acquaintances strengthen friendships and create conversational skills. Golf reveals a certain grit too. It’s a fine sport for developing personality and character as well. The teenager tends to think they know a lot, but hours spent failing at golf will prove otherwise. It’s good to be humbled regularly and golf will do that with ease. Young people need places for exploring who they are. A long walk in pursuit of a perplexing game does just the trick. Teenagers long for freedom and a golf course can offer that in a way that works for both them and their guardians. There is just enough room to roam without becoming lost. A golfer is a good thing to be and the teenage years are a fine time to become one.

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