A Great Place to be Stranded

I can’t imagine how many times I’ve found myself huddled under a tree or beneath a shed with friends during a rain delay. As much as I hate to come off the course, I still enjoy the chance to catch up with my pals when there is nowhere else to go. While the water falls from the heavens we find time for jokes and country club gossip. There is chatter about those with generous handicaps, opinions on the state of the course, and lots of talk about the shenanigans we all get into together. The rain pounds the ground around us and the runoff sheets over the fairways we are escaping but under our makeshift shelter is an enjoyable environment. Belly laughs and the sound of beers opening is a perfect accompaniment to the beats of a southern thunderstorm. We check the radar, but despite seeing shades of green and red on the screen all around us there is no rush to go in. Why head for home when we can hide from the world right here a bit longer? The golf course is a great place to be stranded in a downpour. Nobody is in a hurry to break the huddle.

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Delights of a Downpour

Rain delays are underrated. The best ones are usually when golf doesn’t stand a chance. A few friends, some cold beers, and nowhere else to go makes for good conversation. It’s easy to get sucked in and often hard to leave. The soothing sounds of Summer fall from the sky; a metronome for seasoned front porch storytellers. The steady pounding storm mixes well with the laughter and exclamation of stranded golfers. Tall tales and other banter echoes across tables while desperate players stare up at the sky and wonder, “Is this the heavy stuff?” Hope for golf fades with every roll of thunder. With each passing drink the need to resume play drifts further away — disappearing like stormwater down the parking lot. Instead of a few extra holes, it’s another story or a couple of jokes that make me late for dinner. If golf is going to be canceled, there are certainly worse ways to do it.

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