Golf Saved My Life

I’ve been known to tell folks that “golf saved my life.” It’s true. Coming back to this wonderful game reminded me of childhood joy and helped me make my peace with God. Because of golf I became less of a lost soul. Perhaps it was some combination of quiet walks with my dog and the camaraderie of friends found through the game that lead me to discovering my better self. I believe that people need both passion and purpose in their life — through the years, golf has offered me both. Every time I am on a golf course I come a little closer to the person I hope to be. Golf is an aspirational game. Especially in the sense that it provides a road map to living a more courteous life. When I became consumed by golf I also began to enjoy an improved existence. It may sound audacious, but I know golf can have this affect on others too. Anyone who is willing to give their time and concentration to golf will undoubtedly find some answers to many challenging questions. The game may not have everything you need to make positive changes, but it’s one hell of a good foundation from which to build. Golf gives me time to tinker with my personality and room to grow my good habits. When playing, I always know which direction I need to go. Sometimes that’s all we need to get started on our journey towards who we will become.

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